2017-2018 Staff

Evelyn Robertson


Evelyn enjoys writing, playing soccer, and playing the violin in her free time. She is excited about being able to write for Nexus and hopes that reader's enjoy her stories.

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Bria Brown


Bria Brown is a 10-th grader who loves her country, the USA. She is a member of the JV Girls Ultimate team, 10th-grade Treasurer in SGA, and Inter Atlanta soccer player. One of the things that she enjoys is writing stories...

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Becca Pirkle


Becca enjoys reading made up stories, but she guarantees that all of her stories for Nexus are 100 percent true.

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Lucy Rice


Lucy Rice is thrilled to be Editor-in-chief on Nexus this year! When she's not editing stories, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her dog, Lily, and baking cookies. Outside of Nexus, Lucy participates in Grady Model UN. She...

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Sahana Parker


Sahana is a member of the Grady cross country team and loves to go on outdoor adventures.

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Tyler Jones


Tyler Jones enjoys traveling abroad, sketching and painting, and spending time with her friends. This is her first year on the Nexus magazine staff, and she is excited to write for one of Grady's publications.

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Jackie Inman


Jackie is a new student and junior at Grady. She plays soccer and enjoys writing, traveling, taking pictures, and music. Jackie hopes to write stories about good food (burritos).

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Catherine Opsahl


Catherine is a sophomore at Grady. She loves art and is happy to be writing for Nexus this year. In her spare time she likes to drink tea and read.

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Kiki Soto


Kiki Soto loves writing and journalism, and stealing Mr. Ellerton's popcorn. She plays varsity soccer for Grady and is part of HOSA. She loves to write food reviews and interviewing interesting people for feature writing pieces....

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Charlotte Spears


Charlotte loves writing and journalism. She is also a member of the cross country team, track team, and ultimate frisbee team. She is a member of Model UN. Charlotte loves to hike and you can catch her at Doc Chey's every weekend!

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Lola Biddy


Lola Biddy is a member of both the cross country team and model UN. She enjoys being creative with her writing and her daily activities, and is excited to join the Nexus staff.

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Katherine Esterl


Katherine Esterl is a sophomore involved in the drama and speech programs. In her free time, she watches a lot of Gilmore Girls. She looks forward to contributing to Nexus!

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Abby Peters


Abby Peters is a sophomore and is very excited for her first year on a publication. Outside of journalism, she is on the Grady swim team and lacrosse team and the APS water polo team. If you are considering taking journalism,...

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Kaitlin Palaian


Kaitlin Palaian enjoys writing for Grady's publications. She is a sophomore at Grady High School and is excited to be a part of the Nexus staff this year.

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Jessie Bouterse


Jessie Bouterse loves to write stories that people will enjoy reading. She is a sophomore at Grady but found her interest in journalism one year ago during her freshman year. She likes to write interesting and fun articles. Bouterse...

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Maddie Goines


Maddie Goines loves to work with others and help inform people about different events through journalism. She is a sophomore at Grady and wants to continue writing throughout her whole high school career. Goines loves writing...

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Rebecca Chapman


Rebecca loves writing, fall weather, and cooking, and she is so happy to be on Nexus staff this year.

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Hope Nathanson


Hope Nathanson is a sophomore, and it is her first year on publications.  When she isn't writing for the Nexus, she is playing the violin with the philharmonic or in the pool playing waterpolo or swimming.  She is happy to be...

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Avery Allen


Avery Allen is apart of the Grady Cross Country team and The Grady Model UN team, as well as the Nexus Staff. Avery is very excited to be a part of this staff and he will be very dedicated to the publication. Avery loves writing...

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Elias Podber


Elias Podber is a sophomore at Grady High School who loves writing for the school's publications. He likes to write sports stories, but ventures out, as well. Enjoy his reporting.  

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Lucy Bertsch


Lucy Bertsch enjoys playing volleyball on Grady's varsity team. She also enjoys hiking around the Atlanta area. Lucy is a part of the 21st Century leaders Executive board. She is excited to be a part of the Grady Nexus publication.

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