TLFC members pose with their right fist in the air. The fist is a symbol of solidarity with the black community.

TLFC hosts Black Lives Matter event, rallies students

June 14, 2020

After attending a protest for the Black Lives Matter movement, co-founder and Banneker High School rising senior Isatou Gomez was inspired to give a voice to the youth. A week la...

The image shows a graphic distribution of COVID-19 in Europe.

French exchange trip suspended due to Coronavirus outbreak

March 27, 2020

The French Exchange Program that Grady participates in was suspended due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Students were scheduled to leave for France in early March. “I was ver...

Frare is having many new experiences in America, including late-night Waffle House runs, where she enjoyed her first ever waffle.

Frare learns love of country through foreign exchange

March 25, 2020

Emily Frare is a foreign exchange student from Italy who has been working to integrate into American culture.  “I decided to become an exchange student because I wanted to e...

Fireworks illuminate Jennifer Lopez and Shakira as they preform at halftime of the Super Bowl.

Female representation at Super Bowl LIV

February 27, 2020

Making it to the Super Bowl is not an easy goal to accomplish for any NFL coach, but making it as a female coach is unheard of. Kate Sowers, the assistant offensive coach f...

This is the back of the Metro City Church.  All of the elementary school entrances and exits are clearly marked with signs like these. The annex is currently used for Morningside Elementary, and in the future Springdale Park Elementary.

Kindergarten Annex’s in the Grady Cluster

February 12, 2020

Atlanta’s population is booming. New condos are being built and the city is becoming crowded and more expensive to live in. With the influx of people coming into the city, sc...

President of the Elton John Fan Club Club, Ava Young, has seen Elton John in concert twice. “Both times he performed a great show, wore some article of bedazzled clothing,” Young said. “He also is only 5’7, and I will always support a short king.”

Elton John fan club embraces the renowned superstar

January 28, 2020

President of Grady’s Elton John Fan Club Club, Ava Young, started her club in October 2019 in honor of the popular musical artist Elton John.  “I was inspired by my lack of participatio...

'The Laramie Project' tests Grady students' acting abilities

‘The Laramie Project’ tests Grady students’ acting abilities

December 5, 2019

Grady’s fall full-length play, The Laramie Project, challenges actors to tap into personal experience in order to portray emotionally damaged roles while shedding light on a...

Grady E-sports team right after winning Dota tournament.

New Esports Club at Grady

September 30, 2019

Esports have existed for a relatively long time in the professional world, but now it’s starting to come into high schools, allowing virtually anyone to join and get into the...

Sophomore Georgia Rice scrapes off wax from a honeycomb at apiculture club.

Bee Club provides unique student experiences

September 20, 2019

The second year of the Bee Club at Grady has grown in popularity. Started last year by former student Robert Brunet, the club now has more than 30 members. “It’s a fun club...

Jessica Caldas' piece features her grandparents meeting in New York City.  Her artwork focuses mostly on the topic of immigration as she depicts personal experiences through her work.

High museum exhibit features multicultural, Atlanta-based artists

September 19, 2019

“Of Origins and Belongings, Drawn from Atlanta” is an art exhibit at the High Museum that features Atlanta-based artists and examines the importance of place, belonging and heritag...

ONE Musicfest prepares for it's 10th annual festival in Centennial Olympic Park.

Students attend ONE Musicfest weekend before Music Midtown

September 3, 2019

Held on the weekend before Music Midtown, ONE Musicfest is the perfect opportunity to get hyped up for the bigger festival. The festival will take place in Centennial Olympic Par...

The new residential areas in Candler Park are oversized and overpower the houses around them. They don't fit into the neighborhood's style and end up sticking out in a negative fashion.

New residential developments in Candler Park lead to frustration among residents

April 12, 2019

Atlanta is booming. Thousands of people are streaming in to see if the city with lacking infrastructure can sustain just one more person. This influx of people is starting to take a...

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