The Netflix logo in the colors of the LGBTQ pride flag against a black background.

Netflix Originals need better LGBTQ Representation

September 25, 2020

Netflix has something for most people, including crime shows, superhero shows and comedies. However, not everyone is equally represented on the platform. For instance, the ...

Spending days on end in my room, I worried about the potential consequences of my contact with others.

Quaranteened- a story of COVID-19

September 16, 2020

At the start of the pandemic, COVID-19 felt far away. We were all aware of its presence in the United States, but the virus hadn’t hit home yet. Even months into quarantine, I ...

Disney Plus Comment

Maeve Malaney-Lau

September 19, 2019

With the popularity of exclusive streaming services rising rapidly within the past few years, it seems as if every company is coming out with their own subscription based service featuring content that you can’t get anywhere else. It’s not uncommon for someone to have a subscription to several different services, such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Amazon Prime. Most of these subscriptions range from...

The cover art of the new suspenseful series by Shane Dawson. Courtesy of Google.

New conspiracy series from Shane Dawson

March 6, 2019

Published Jan. 30, Youtuber Shane Dawson’s new series on conspiracy theories has gotten major publicity. Dawson has already uploaded numerous series to his channel including...

R. Kelly documentary series sheds light on #MeToo movement

R. Kelly documentary series sheds light on #MeToo movement

February 8, 2019

Kelly is a famous singer and songwriter who has made his way to the top of the music industry by redefining the R&B genre of music. Not a single dent has been made in his caree...

Courtesy of the Georgia Department of Driver Services Website

Permits and licenses should be a priority

January 17, 2019

Being one of the youngest in my grade and having the natural desire to be independent, driving has always been the thing I looked forward to the most. When I turned fifteen, I ...

PSAT memes such as this one mocking the College Board are often shared on social media.

Posting PSAT memes becomes punishable by jail time

November 29, 2018

The College Board has just issued new policies about the creation and sharing of the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test content on social media. College Board President, David...

Officer Jason Van Dyke was found guilty of second-degree murder and aggravated battery with a firearm.

Unarmed black teenager Laquan McDonald deserves justice

November 29, 2018

Self-defense is defined as the use of reasonable force to protect oneself from bodily harm from the attack of an aggressor. This is what Officer Jason Van Dyke claimed in order...

The Center for Disease Control recommends that babies get their first vaccination, specifically for Hepatitis B, at birth.

Nationwide push for vaccines necessary

November 29, 2018

Grady has recently been in the news involving a student getting the mumps. There have only been 1,885 cases of mumps, one of the many contagious diseases that can be prevented ...

Many baseball stadiums experience large holes in the crowd like these in SunTrust Park as interest in baseball wanes nationwide.

Baseball strikes out among young Americans

November 29, 2018

When the Super Bowl rolls around, everyone is talking about it. It doesn’t matter whether or not someone cares about football; the Super Bowl is understood to be more than a...

A large amount of the trash in Piedmont Park from Music Midtown comes from plastic bottles.

Totally trashed: How Music Midtown generates its own waste

October 21, 2018

At the end of the first night of Music Midtown, as the festival goers were stumbling away, I looked out across the expanse of the Piedmont Park meadow. A sea of trash stretche...

Singer Chris Brown was arrested on July 6, 2018 after a concert in Florida for an outstanding felony warrant from a year ago when he assaulted a photographer.

Today’s Celebrities Represent Poor Role Models for Teenagers

October 5, 2018

From allegations of sexual assault to domestic violence, the entertainment industry has been flooded with controversy for years. With fame comes trouble, and that’s what usua...

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