No, His Name Is Jeffery

Young Thug’s newest mixtape blends genres and breaks rules.

Young Thug is famous for creating unique and catchy music. On August 25, his new mixtape “No, my name is Jeffery” dropped. The mixtape introduces an entirely new style of rapping for Young Thug.

I personally have been a fan of Young Thug since “Slime Season” in late 2015. When I first heard his music, I thought it was weird and didn’t fully understand it. I believe it is easy to make quick judgements about Young Thug’s music, because it is different and his voice is very unique.

“Jeffery” is Young Thug’s 17th mixtape in six years. Unlike many artists, he is very good at consistently making music.

This album was influenced by all the people Young Thug looked up to during his career. Each song is dedicated to someone who influenced him.

The intro, “Wyclef Jean,” gave “Jeffery” a very strong start. The beat revolves around a guitar chord repeated over and over again, giving the song a reggae vibe. The bass is also used in a reggae style, which is unusual for Young Thug. The song was very good, and had a new sound not commonly found in rap music.

Another track that stood out to me was “Future Swag.” This song sounds almost like something Future would make. The beat is fast and hyper, and uses a lot of bass and high hat, which is similar to a lot of Future songs. However, “Future Swag” also has that classic electronic Young Thug feel, as do the tracks “Free Gucci” and “Hercules.”

Probably the most hyped track on the mixtape was the bonus track “Pick up the Phone.” This song featured Travis Scott and Quavo, two of the best rap personalities in the music industry at the moment. “Pick up the Phone” is very upbeat and reminds me of the beach. The beat sounds like steel drums, which gives the song a tropical vibe. This song is a favorite for many people, but I personally didn’t find it that special.

While some people don’t like this mixtape, I think it is pretty good. It is definitely different and probably has more variety than any other Young Thug mixtape.