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Dreams Worth More Than Money



“Dreams Worth More Than Money,’’ Meek Mill’s long-awaited second album is finally here, following the success of his debut, “Dreams and Nightmares.” Lyrically, the sophomore effort isn’t Mill’s best, considering his background as a battle rapper back in Philadelphia, effortlessly conquering his opponents with on-the-spot lyrics in front of semi-large, eager crowds.
“Dreams and Nightmares” is loaded with recurrent themes of following dreams, and material ones such as “rollies” (slang for Rolexes) and women, succumbing to the stereotype that most rappers have shallow content. The album also lacks concept, with many arbitrary messages, rather than coming together as a story, and does not reveal much about the artist not already known.
The album’s strengths are its production and notable and cohesive featured artists. Mill carefully handpicks his accompanying artists, knowing which best matches the artist’s style, which artists have more emotional content than commercial content, and puts them on the track accordingly. The heavy use of featuring artists proves to be very effective, with Meek Mill receiving a hand from some of the industry’s wonderkids, like The Weeknd, Drake, and Future. “Lord Knows,” the first track, opens the album with a grandiose beat that has an overwhelming level of forte (to the point where the listener can hardly hear Meek Mill rapping), supported with high-pitched opera singing that fluctuates between crescendos and decrescendos. The catchy and bass-laden beats, produced by heavyweights including DJ Khaled, Boi-1da, and Metro Boomin, continue throughout the album. Overall, “Dreams Worth More than Money” is an album that hip-hop fans should keep in their collections, but it isn’t an instant classic.

It’s like more money I made they got faker and it’s crazy when your best friend turn into your top hater”

— Cold Hearted, Meek Mill

Dreams Worth More Than Money

Track List

  1. Lord Knows
  2. Classic (feat. Jeremih and Swizz Beats)
  3. Jump Out the Face (feat. Future)
  4. All Eyez on You (feat. Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown)
  5. The Trillest
  6. R.I.C.O. (feat. Drake)
  7. I Got the Juice
  8. Ambitionz
  9. Pullin Up (feat. The Weeknd)
  10. Check
  11. Been That (feat. Rick Ross)
  12. Bad For You (Nicki Minaj)