Student-run blog creates safe place to share perspectives

Gigi Fisher, the founder of Anthropologigi, poses for a picture for her blog.

Callan Cucchi

Gigi Fisher, the founder of Anthropologigi, poses for a picture for her blog.

Anthropologigi, a blog created by junior Gigi Fisher, is a place to share insights and information about the world around you. The blog is a collaboration of a group of juniors writing about various topics, including fashion, film reviews and art.

“Gigi created [Anthropologigi] and wanted people to be in it. So, I signed up, because why not? I could be a helping hand for the readers,” junior Keontae Guy said. “I think about things that I could give my best insight on or things I do well and then write about it.”

Fisher was inspired to start Anthropologigi after finding “She Must Be Mad” by Charly Cox, a book filled with her thoughts on the world. She wanted her blog to mirror the style of the book, so it covers a wide range of topics, such as politics, baking and mental health.

“I thought to myself: I could do this,” Fisher said. “If I brand it correctly, I could make a book that random teenagers find in niche bookstores. I figured a blog would be easier than a book, so I got one of my friends to talk me through making one.”

Fisher collected a staff of writers who were passionate about writing about their interests. The blog also includes a form where students can apply to write and post on the blog.

“I decided to become a writer for the blog because I think blogs are a really cool concept, especially from a teen’s perspective,” junior Madeline Moye said. “Not many people my age have an outlet to read about things that truly matter to them. Blogging is a fun way to give other teens access to that.”

Currently, the staff consists of six juniors; Fisher, Moye, Alaya Foote, Amara Dynes, Sophie Markovic, and Keontae Guy.

“I feel like I add a unique perspective to the blog by writing about my experience in Thailand,” said Dynes who recently moved from Atlanta. “Another perspective I’m hoping to write about is political events happening in the United States to help inform readers about what’s going on in the world around them.”

The goal of the blog is to provide an outlet to share information and opinions and spread positivity.

“I decided to join the blog to support Gigi and because I thought it would be interesting to write about something I’m passionate about,” Switzer said. “I think it’s really cool to be able to share good vibes through writing.”

Anyone can become a member by signing up with an email and password on the website. Members can like and comment on articles, giving the writers feedback.

Fisher doesn’t have any future plans for the blog, but hopes to continue to create a fun space for students to interact.

Anthropologigi provides a safe place for writers to share their opinions and have discussions about the world around them.

“I want people to read my content with a positive takeaway,” Moye said. “Whether I write just for fun or because I want to help others, I want the readers to finish it feeling happier than when they started.”