New conspiracy series from Shane Dawson

The cover art of the new suspenseful series by Shane Dawson. Courtesy of Google.

The cover art of the new suspenseful series by Shane Dawson. Courtesy of Google.

Bella McDonald

Published Jan. 30, Youtuber Shane Dawson’s new series on conspiracy theories has gotten major publicity. Dawson has already uploaded numerous series to his channel including “The Mind of Jake Paul” and “The Secret World of Jeffree Star.” However, Dawson’s main specialty is his discoveries of conspiracy theories. He has a playlist of over 100 of his videos on theories.

His first video in the series starts off discussing deep fakes, iPhone conspiracies, the California wildfires, children’s television and games, Disney’s movie Frozen, subliminal messages in everyday things, and Hollister. The main theory Dawson discussed was about the California wildfire, Woolsey.

The Woolsey fire lasted 13 days and destroyed over 1,600 buildings and almost 100,000 acres of Californian land. Dawson and his cameraman drove to where the fire affected the most and go to a neighborhood. One side of the street was completely obliterated by the fire and one house on the other side of the street looked completely untouched. The houses next to that house were burned from the fire but that one house was fine.

Dawson begins to explain the theory of direct energy weapons which are basically lasers from military aircrafts that strike the earth. To me, that seems a bit crazy, but Dawson puts it in such a way it seems that it could be true. Another theory involves the Santa Susana Field Laboratory. Originally, this was a government testing lab used to test rockets and nuclear reactors. Over 60 years ago, there was a nuclear waste outbreak and the area is still contaminated to this day.

But also, the Woolsey fire started at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory. It is still unclear of why the fire started there, but his theory is that the government planted explosions in the area so it could release these nuclear chemicals into the air. This also sounds a bit extreme to me, but again, Dawson’s way of explanation is very intriguing.

The next video in the series is a more investigative video. This video mentions theories about Chuck E. Cheese’s, a computer technology that will take pre-recorded clips of your voice and create clips of its own just by meshing your sounds together, and a true story of human trafficking with Dawson’s friend.

This video in particular gained such popularity because of its Chuck E. Cheese’s segment. The theory is that Chuck E. Cheese’s takes pizza slices that are uneaten by customers, takes them back to the kitchen, and then rearranges those unused pieces to form a new pizza. This theory has gone viral because the evidence is believable. I believe this theory because when I was younger and I would go to Chuck E. Cheese’s, I noticed that their pizzas were oddly shaped and formed. The slices did not match up at the ends because they were all different shapes and sizes.

Dawson and his cameraman go to a Chuck E. Cheese’s and order three pizzas. When they had received the pizzas, it seemed obvious that the pieces were arranged because the pepperoni slices on the edge of the slice did not connect to the slice beside it. However, Chuck E. Cheese’s claims that they take no part in rearranging pizzas because that would result in a lawsuit.

Dawson takes the pizzas home and then tries to line up the slices together so it would create an even circle of pizzas. Even after taking it apart and putting it back together, the crusts did not line up and neither did the actual slice markings.

With lots of media coverage of fanbases, Dawson is currently in the mix of editing a new video that will likely come out in the next couple of weeks. I am excited to see what other theories Dawson has.