New residential developments in Candler Park lead to frustration among residents


courtesy of Zillow

The new residential areas in Candler Park are oversized and overpower the houses around them. They don't fit into the neighborhood's style and end up sticking out in a negative fashion.

Atlanta is booming. Thousands of people are streaming in to see if the city with lacking infrastructure can sustain just one more person. This influx of people is starting to take a tax on the city.

Atlanta is known for its horrible traffic and lousy underground train system. But we are also known for top quality schools, restaurants, and welcoming neighborhoods. These quaint neighborhoods that offset the business of big city are being invaded.

Apartment buildings are the culprits. On a spot of land where a few single families had a house, now hundreds of people reside. If that’s not enough, these apartments are being built inside neighborhoods on quiet small streets.

Roland Bruklis, a resident of the Candler Park neighborhood, will soon be living next to one of the monstrosities.

“I think the new town houses are not appropriate for Candler Park because it is an older neighborhood with houses built in a certain architectural style,” said Bruklis. “I think that any new construction should match the style and size of the existing buildings whenever possible. The style of Candler Park is Craftsman Bungalows that are one or two story. The new town houses are too large, have too many stories and are too close together.”

Thoughts of making Candler Park a historic neighborhood are rolling around. This would mean that the city would implement certain standards for new construction. Things like paint color and style of new homes could also be managed to make sure that all homes fit into the neighborhoods.

“I think Candler Park should be a historic district or at the very least have enforceable standards to make sure that new construction or renovations still look like Candler Park,” said Bruklis.”Candler Park is a unique asset for the City of Atlanta and the city should do what it can to preserve it.”

Others believe that making Candler Park a historic neighborhood will means extremely strict rules as to how houses can look. Its takes away the individuality of each home that makes Candler Park have the charm it is known for.

“I think that historic neighborhood designations are too restrictive but i am in full support of neighborhood design standards,” said Brandon Jones, who lives near one of the new condos.

When a resident of Candler Park makes improvements on their home, they usually think about continuing to add to the character of the neighborhood. They have no intention of completely changing the early 1900’s look and style that influenced the homes in the Candler Park area.

“I recently finished the attic of my house and I worked with an architect who specializes in older houses,” said Bruklis. “My main request to him was to design the attic and outside of the house to look like it was done in 1925 when the house was built. If the City would enforce standards like this developers would still be able to build and make money but they would be obligated to work within certain limits.”

Recent construction on Iverson St. has angered many neighbors because of the size and basic look of the apartments.

“The new developments mass is somewhat overwhelming and this creates a very abrupt transition from neighboring properties,” said Jones.

The condos look like you could find them in any suburb in the United States. They have no special features that helps them to lend both the existing style of Candler Park.

“I think it will leave both residents and visitors with a lesser opinion of the neighborhood. People live and visit here because it is an eclectic neighborhood with a unique architecture and one of a kind businesses. The townhouses are very ordinary and could be found in any suburb in any city in the US. The neighborhood should strive to maintain its identity. Putting in large townhouses like the ones on Iverson are like replacing the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club with a McDonald’s.”

The construction of this high price living has also started to change the demographics. As of now, the city of atlantis is pretty diverse as things go. But the demolition of low price housing is being replaced by grandeur apartments.

I think all the new construction will affect the demographics not just the project on Iverson,” said Bruklis. “Candler Park has a nice mix of houses and apartments which cater to people from all walks of life. If you live a gated community in the suburbs chances are all of your neighbors will be from the same economic background as you are. In Candler Park your neighbors may be blue collar, white collar or no collar at all.”