CO: A Pan-Asian Feast

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Jackie Inman

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CO: A Pan-Asian Feast

Located in the Poncey-Highlands area, restaurant CO offers an authentic array of pan-Asian foods. The restaurant gives off a hip, modern vibe thats fits right in with the trendy part of town that it is in. While the style of the restaurant itself is contemporary and open, it has a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The restaurant is called CO, meaning “feast” in vietnamese. The name fitswell with the restaurant as it has a menu ranging from sushi to noodles, to bahn mi to cocktails. CO’s wide range of options stems from owner, Greg Bauer’s time spent in different parts of Asia while serving for the U.S. Marine Corps. Bauer was stationed in places such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and Japan, and while he spent time in those places, he fell in love with the food.

Now back in the United States, Bauer is making it a mission to introduce people of the southeast to the amazing food that inspired him to open CO. With five different restaurant locations and two coming soon, it is clear that Bauer must not be the only person enjoying the rich flavors of the food to the east of us. The manager, Scott Sylva-Mashburn, speaks about the main dish which he hopes everyone will try.

“Our signature dish is the curry laksa,” Sylva-Mashburn explained. “That was the dish that Bauer first thought of when he was off duty because he enjoyed it so much when trying it in Malaysia.”

In addition to the curry laksa as a specialty, there are many other signature dishes at CO that you may not find at your typical Asian restaurant. Not only the curry laksa, but Sylva-Mashburn advised that other dishes to definitely try were dumplings, firecracker sushi, Beef Pho, and other broth dishes.

The restaurant is designed to welcome any kind of person. From Japanese food to Vietnamese food, CO offers many choices and has options for those who are gluten free or vegetarian. It is difficult to classify the restaurant as fancy or casual, but Sylva-Mashburn sums it up accurately.

According to him,“It’s casual enough to where you can come in in shorts, or you can dress up and have a nice dinner too”.

Not only do the large menu and the flexibility with attire make you feel welcome, but the hostess and waiters/waitresses are extremely pleasant. While eating at the restaurant it is obvious that all of the staff is happy to be at their job, and they are very personable to all people they serve.

Although the restaurant appears to be very quiet with not too many customers, business is bound to speed up. With the Poncey-Highland apartments directly above the restaurant beginning to open up, and so many young people moving to this particular area, CO will soon fit in with the other successful restaurants around it.

Visit CO soon and find yourself enjoying a different take on pan-Asian food, brought to life by the man who ate the food in their original countries himself.